AIH was founded in 2015 then launched in 2017 by musician & visual artist, GAIKA (warp records) & conceptual clothing designer, Luke Menikmati - through a mutual respect for both garment design and progressive communication.

The designers work and create from bases in London & Manchester while constantly travelling, collaborating digitally. The concept is further explored through GAIKA’s music and film narrative.

A speculative apocalypse where creative use of sourced + hand made clothing/equipment are essential for survival and ultimately, world peace.

Film: 03:AM Studios

Armour in Heaven for DAZED  7.12.17

AIH fuses a conceptual and detailed high fashion vision with contemporary street level production & styling while asserting a strong vision of a looming dystopian Britain, with a focus on survival through positive action.

The ultimate goal - to provide the user with power and control through wearable items, produced through a process of research, customisation, field testing & development. With a final product built using military, industrial + street goth aesthetics.

Items are continuously tested through live shows, touring, films and photographic shoots then developed into conceptual, wearable products that harness and embody the culture they were created in and a future we control.

Photography: Heather Glazzard
Model: Keown