WEARABLE RESISTANCE Museum of London 13.3.18

What role will clothes play within future cityscapes? This salon brings together designers and artist who will talk fashion in an age of pervasive surveillance. We will discuss strategies to safeguard future urban identities and uncover sartorial responses that tread the fine line between protection and exposure. How will advances in technology impact representations of identity and how can designers make a contribution beyond mere aesthetics?

Gaika, Artist
(MA) Menikmati, Designer
Adam Thorpe, Vexed Generation
Alexa Pollmann, Peut-Porter

Panel discussion hosted by Susan Postlethwaite,
Senior Lecturer MA Fashion RCA.
Curated in collaboration with Fashion Space Gallery,
London College of Fashion UAL.

GAIKA for Armour in Heaven and i-D Magazine
c 2018 | Live performance, Installation, Live Stream.
AIH - Rage Jacket - Design, Pattern Cut, Detailing.
Transluscent TPU Construction.
Hidden Emblem.

  {MA} Menikmati      Armour in Heaven      Ghosts Agency